As I was driving to work one morning this past week my wife sent a link for me to view…after reaching work and reading the posting I began to attempt formulating a response concerning the contents and had to erase my rumination several times before setting it aside.

Nearly a week later, here is the link and all I know to say is that I have been guilty.  I have perpetrated and have allowed others to do so without rebuke. I have been victimized and I have victimized others –

…and I have repented…repentance is more than just saying ‘sorry’ – it’s a 180* about face turn away from an action of iniquity and a walking toward and pursuing righteousness…

i have taught myself, my sons and small groups  – I have participated in opportunities to engage the enemy in these areas – I have set up safe guards in my life and my family – I have spoken confidence and love into the lives of others…because I want every living soul to be able to pursue a relationship with GOD without the baggage of pain, shame, sorrow, guilt or trauma giving the enemy of their soul the leverage he wants to convince them that GOD doesn’t love them.

GOD does love you – HE is your biggest fan – HE wants to help you and heal you.  HE is as close as the whisper of HIS Name….                                                         JESUS.

To The Men on the Other Side of #MeToo

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