Time to Mobilize

Some see the state of what is needed around them and shrink back because the apparent enormity of effort necessary to straighten things out seems so far beyond our independent capacity.   Be of good cheer for I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.  Yes that includes you.

If the previous statement is true how much more the compounding affect of us working together!  We can annihilate these issues that are destroying our children, our families, and is attempting to destroy the Kingdom of God.  It is time to mobilize now and press forward to the expected end God has for us.

Join with us in praying for the destruction of the Pornography industry and all associated industries as well as the purification of the minds affected.  This would be a global prayer and we are calling you to bind with us in this endeavor.  I am confident in the membership of this websites ability to bring these things to pass through the Holy Ghost.

In Jesus Name we are overcoming and we shall be Victorious.

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