The Flow

This study shows that when the Holy Ghost speaks through us – we are conduits…the portion of the brain controlling speech is not engaged. We should pray to be conduits and seek to remove any blockage of The Flow of the Spirit through us.

As we know – pornography is rampant in every demographic and desires to be a destroyer of both saved and unsaved alike. I encourage you to become familiar with and to be sensitive to those around you…understanding that as many as 70% of men, 40% of women and even 50% of ministers struggle with this problem.

We are standing against this giant on the battlefield and we WILL be victorious ! If you or anyone you know needs support or direction – please speak up – don’t let shame keep anyone bound because by its nature it secludes and destroys its victim…remember, we are only as sick as our secrets !

These two topics connect as the use of pornography and self gratification releases natural physical chemicals that cause us to become addicted – the act creates ruts in our physical brain. Those ruts will impede the path that the Holy Ghost wants to take through our thought process !

I want HIM to flow through every part of my life !

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  1. I appreciate this research. This research gives us a practical application of the move of the Spirit of God in us.

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