From the Perspective of A Dad and Pastor

I have observed anew some things recently regarding my discussions with individuals regarding Porn and Sexual Addiction.  There is still an overwhelming sense and wish that all of this discussion would just go away.   There is still this great desire that one can awake from this terrible dream and realize it was all just a nightmare and that our world is still pining along undisturbed by the elements of our subconscious nocturnal processes!

I get the sense that folks want to be distracted as our conversations progress and individuals begin to fidget in their seat or began to look away from me as I express my concern and passion for the utter annihilation of the Porn Industry and all attached industries.  I understand these moments of extreme and intense confrontation with the reality of where we are.

It is these interactions though that cause me to double down on the commitments I have already made to friends and family.  I will not rest until my mission is accomplished.  I will not back down in the face of ridicule and mockery.  I will stay at the helm and I will march the miles it takes until this giant lies headless on the battlefield and the birds are consuming its rotten carcass as they should.

Parent and leader, if you are reading this post,  you must understand that there is no amount of wishing you can muster and no amount of ignorance you can pretend that will make this go away.  You must educate yourself, your family, and those following you.  You must wage a Spiritual War like no other.  You must amass a confidence in Jesus Christ that indeed the words of Paul when he states that ” I can do all things through Christ” that those words in this instance will most assuredly come to pass.

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