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I endeavor to consistently educate myself concerning pornography and the many ways our adversary uses it to destroy the lives of people. Statistics change and demographics seem to vary but there are some things that will always be the same…the devil is out to steal, kill and destroy ! There are many tactics used in waging warfare and so it is with the WAR against pornography…I want to take a minute tonight and address one part of our campaign for purity –

ACCOUNTABILITY….accountability is partly described as “responsibility” and is, if done correctly, well described by a good friend of mine as “holding a mans feet to the fire” .
We live in a society of people who are quick to point fingers and blame others…Moms fault, Dads fault, school teachers fault, religious leaders fault – anyone but my own.
This attitude, accompanied by its treacherous twin, “entitlement mentality” can quickly cause people to embrace an erroneous thought that they have a “right” to indulge and the belief that its not their fault – after all, they were created this way !
As a young man I learned a saying; “if it is to be, its up to me”…
I have endeavored to teach my sons this principle and I urge you to find a place in your life to reflect on this thought…
Take a good long look in the mirror, look yourself directly in the eyes and be honest with yourself about what you see…

Let us briefly glance at three areas of accountability that we must have actively involved in our lives :
– peer
– spouse/family
– personal by relationship with God

…as we finish with the last area of accountability I compel you to take some time looking into the mirror of Gods Word.

Many people have the concept that they can overcome pornography on their own, without help and each time they fall they are certain will be the last time…ever..
Anyone who has struggled with sexual sins for any length of time know that the moment after you have “given in” you can, with utmost confidence and conviction, promise that you will never
fall for that again (…again).

When we fall for the idea that we can beat porn addiction by ourselves we will remain frustrated in our pursuit for purity.
Simply put – WE NEED EACH OTHER !
Accountability MUST be more than just a programmed and programmable activity…
it has GOT to become a lifestyle !

Enter peers…James 5:16 of the King James Version of the Holy Bible says to “confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that ye may be healed”.
There are two steps mentioned here and both of them involve you talking to another…
First, you must find trustworthy peers that you can bare this secret to – because we are only as “sick as our secrets”.
These peers must also be people that you are not going to lie to.
The sickness will never heal until it is uncovered and treated in our lives.

Enter family…I have a wife and two kids and there is never a moment that they cannot immediately have my phone or device to do something with it.
My sons pick and retain my access code for the restrictions on my phone and even get to see what apps I download or delete.
If I will model good accountability in front of and with them – they will learn and run with the concept !
My wife has all of my passwords for everything that I own and free access to my messaging and phone records ( which should never be deleted without her looking at them first ).

Enter God…HE is, omni-present, an ever-present God…
HIS Word is the final word on any subject and I desire to please HIM in all that I do..
Being accountable to God is only logical, right ?
Then why do we find it so easy to sin – knowing that HE is seeing and watching all that we do ?
Its time that we rethink our relationship with GOD !
If we will seek HIM early, pray for the strength that we need and then remain mindful of HIM ~ if we will fall in love with HIM and love HIM with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength ~ if we will truly love HIM, we will seek to please HIM.

When we engage these areas in our lives and open ourselves to scrutiny and accountability from each area, we are surrounding ourselves and living a lifestyle of accountability.

Instead of picking one lone person to be accountable to, being accountable all across the board will provide more security and likelihood of catching a problem before it becomes a problem !
Its important that each person doesn’t assume the others are watching you – expand your base until you have enough people involved in your ” accountability portfolio ” that you are well covered.
Never give anyone any reason to be uncomfortable in asking you questions and never grumble !

There are many resource available on this topic and I will post a couple at the end of this post…
They are more thorough in execution but I felt God directed me to review MY personal approach to accountability and I find that a community accountability is a much more effective plan than a single individual trying to keep tabs on me !

These are just two to get you started on your way…take the time to research the most effective accountability system for your needs and employ that plan immediately !

Good decisions made today make good decisions tomorrow feel natural !

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