Reality or Illusion

I am faced with an incredible dilemma today.  Do I continue to allow Illusion into my life or do I only allow Reality.  Illusion often paints a rosier picture and is so appealing and is much to be desired.  Illusion rarely is pungent to my senses and often leaves me in a state of euphoria!  The problem is the Illusion is destroying me!  It is starving me to death.  It is decapitating my thoughts and all of my sensory perception to the point that I almost cannot sense what is real any more.  Reality you are just so mundane!

Do you find yourself thinking some of these very thoughts.  It is true that Illusion often outshines Reality as far as Grandeur goes, but what does that matter?

Reality states that we must do everything and take every step we can to protect those around us that we love.  That requires us to live in the Reality of understanding the toll that Sex and Porn Addiction is taking on those very ones we have been assigned to protect.  I have been reminded so very much lately that it there is an intense battle to keep up the Illusion and ignore the Reality.

Reality will not allow you to get caught up in the Illusion of mindless discussions of things that don’t matter while confronting us with the questions of the day that demand answers:

1.  Illusion says have you seen the latest dresses or fashion at the expense of asking have you had impure thoughts about the models displaying those dresses or fashions.

2. Illusion says did you see the Football game at the expense of asking the question of did you lust after the cheerleaders or the players depending on whether you are Man or Woman.

3.  Illusion asks whether you have seen the latest Television drama at the expense of asking how much time have you spent reading your Bible or meditating in prayer.

You see Illusion seems to be much more pleasing to the Senses at the expense of keeping yourself Pure in the eyes of Reality.

You must ask hard questions to become and stay Real:

1.  Have you viewed pornography today?

2. Have you had sexually impure thoughts today?

3. Have you masturbated today?

4. Have you spent time in prayer today?

5. Have you read your Bible today?

These are just a few of the questions to be asked.  If you don’t ask these hard questions you will continue to live in an Illusion and you will die the slow death of the malnourishment of the world of Illusion.

Take time today to push back from those things that appear to be comforting and take a hold of those things that will sustain you and please begin to ask Hard Questions and show those you love that you really do love them.

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