Condoning What We Don’t Understand

It has become common within Christian ranks to approve of masturbation as long as lust or pornography is not involved.  After all it is technically not sex and there is no perversion in the mind, so what can be harmful?  Fornication is sin whether with yourself or someone else and masturbation is fornicating with yourself.  We must give a proper definition of what is right or wrong when dealing with Sexual Addictions.

A young person and adult alike has to know what the specific barriers and boundaries are when trying to extricate themselves from this Abyss of Despair!  When we as Christian Leaders allow a definition into our vernacular that originates from somewhere other than the Word of God we are at risk of furthering the problem and entangling those coming out even further.  We must not give sanctity to something because it is convenient.

The new buzz word in schools is that Pornography/Sexual addiction is the new drug.  How convenient that we can allow this addiction because after all it isn’t cocaine, heroin or meth!  It won’t land them in jail and they are sexual beings after all.  That is like saying go ahead pull the trigger I only loaded the gun with BB’s.    This problem is a Sin Problem and it must be dealt with totally and without exception.

Again MOM, DAD, PASTOR, YOUTH PASTOR, ELDER, TRUSTEE, MINISTER, LEADER the amount of people under you leadership suffering from all or some of these issues is GREATER THAN 50 PERCENT.   How effective is your next Sermon or Motivational Speech or Word of Encouragement going to be if you don’t recognize and define what is going on around you?

One thought on “Condoning What We Don’t Understand”

  1. that has been a standard “pat” answer for many years –
    Unfortunately it does not take into account the perverting of the bonding mechanism created by God to connect a husband and wife when they become “one” in the sanctity of marriage.
    Masturbation has many hazards worth educating oneself on

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