It Must Be Done

Whenever it is discovered that something must be done, the only thing to do is do it.  If we meander on the field of indecision we lose precious time and advantage.  We must understand that the only determinate process once discovery has been made is to act and to act decisively.

It has been discovered that Pornography Addiction is abounding to the destruction of every man woman and child on the planet.  If it has not come nigh your doorstep consider yourself blessed, but don’t consider yourself safe.  You must act, we must act on this apocalyptic attack on the Family.  We must unite together within the authorized capacity as Sons of God and draw the line and push back the onslaught.  No more talking but the time has come for action.  I hear the sound of the going in the tops of the mulberry tree, the Lord has won the Battle and we must realize that it is time to recover our families, our friends, our neighbors.

We must act together now to destroy this enemy once and for all.  Please do not fall into the trap of thinking this does not apply to you.  Of every 10 men 6-7 are addicted to Porn and of every 10 women 3-4 are addicted to Porn.  This applies to you.  Plain and simple this applies to you.  Let me state it again this applies to you.

HeSetMeFree in partnership with God ordained and anointed partners around the planet stands here with you.  We are here on the front lines holding and advancing at the same time.  We will not allow this to continue any longer.  We will not allow this fight to be swallowed up in the mediocrity discourse of whether this fight is appropriate or not.  We will not allow this fight to be swept away into the corridors of complacency because we can’t just seem to get everyone on board.  Stop and think for a moment why everyone is not on board.  You got it, because they are in the 60th percentile.

Won’t you step up with us and stand with us in this fight.  We have set a compass against the enemy and we are ready to take back that which was stolen.


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