The late Reverend Billy Cole once stated……. “After you have found out what God wants you to do, it is very important to stay focused on it. Do not be distracted. For some of us, the devil will not distract with some bad thing; he’s too smart for that. He distracts with some good thing. Do not let the devil distract you, not even with something that is good.”

As we walk the path of purity, let us beware the wiles of the adversary. How subtle the serpent was when he beguiled Eve in the utopian setting of the garden of Eden…a place created for God and His creation to commune and develop a relationship of intimacy and fulfillment.

In Genesis 2:15 the bible tells us that the Lord God took man and placed him into Eden to dress and keep the garden. As Adam went about the business of naming the plants and animals it may have been a task that took quite some time…and was apparently one that allowed for some distraction. At some point in the “good” that Adam was doing, the serpent found his way to a position of influence in the garden…

The Lord had told Adam and Eve that of all the trees of the garden, they could freely eat…but of the tree of the knowlege of good and evil they were not to eat for in the day that they ate they would surely die. One tree… Every tree was permissible except one… That is where we read about the serpent meeting up with Eve. The enemy knew that there was only one place that he could get Gods creation to mess up…and that is where he camped out…and waited, and waited until finally his patience paid off.

The entire garden was created for Adam and Eve to enjoy and there were doubtlessly so very many beautiful places to go and delicious things to eat, but, as is in our human nature we seem to feel a draw toward the forbidden. So Eve has migrated toward that tree of the knowlege of good and evil and has proven the serpents efforts to have not been in vain. Eve was in the one place that she should have stayed away from…. It wasnt sin for her to go there, but it placed her near temptation !

It is imperative that we not give the enemy of our soul and place for a foothold in our minds, thoughts and lives ! Create safegaurds to protect yourself ! Flee from temptation ! You are literally running for your life… As the story of Eves interaction with the serpent continues it becomes plain to see another weakness in Eves life – a failure to know the true words that God had spoken to them… The serpent recognized that flaw and exploited it and beguiled Eve into sinning.

My exhortation to you today is to :                                                                            – watch and pray that you enter not into temptation                  (Matthew26:41)                                                                                                                                         – dont place yourself into areas that will place temptation before you (Psalm 101:2)                                                                                                                – know the Word that God has spoken, that you might not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11)

The holiday seasons are upon us and we are about to enjoy wonderful times of fellowship with friends and with family. Many people will be involved in Christmas programs, food drives, gift gathering for loved ones and for the less fortunate…many good and appropriate endeavors. While we enjoy these blessed times, let us also stay focused on the pursuit of purity ! Make time for praying before temptations come… Make time for reading Gods word that we may know His desires… Make NO provision for temptation to overtake us… Dont let the enemy catch you distracted by the good that you are doing and charm you into destruction !

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  1. We must leave nothing to chance or coincidence! Plain and simple Satan has desired you and will consume and destroy you if you give in to him. You must resist Satan and his devices and he will flee from you. Do not entertain him or open up to him but rather quote the scripture and move on.

    Excellent Post and much needed.

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