It is for Real

We all get caught in the vortex of sleepiness!   We don’t intend to, but we are either at times lulled to sleep by the seeming mundane of it all or we are presented with ideas or thoughts that are just so fantastic to put into our cognitive mind that we just check out and go to sleep with the comfortable thought that it doesn’t matter or apply to me!

I want to present to you a scripture from Genesis:

Genesis 3:15 (KJV)
15  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

The Hebrew word enmity is ‏אֵיבָה or Hostility, hatred.  This from the beginning was the state of affairs for all mankind in contention with Satan’s Kingdom or the Kingdom of Darkness.

Your enemy hates you and wants to destroy!  Not a comfortable statement or even less  a palatable reality!  One at war cannot afford to be lulled to sleep!  One at war cannot afford to be complacent!  One at war cannot afford to be unaware!


If we feel we are not at War than really none of this awareness matters.  Live and let live becomes the melody and tone of the day!  We are at rest and at peace at all times and the decay around us becomes a sweet smelling fragrance in our nose.  Not one thing can be said to us and not one bit of information can make a difference because we have nothing to motivate us to action.

I guess it could be said that we Love so that we take a purely passive position because of Love.  How does this Love affect your relationship with the One that Hates you from scripture?  Will your Love somehow cause him to not Hate you, or will you through your passivity accommodate all he has to offer?  Even those that Love go to War to defend those they Love, just something to be reminded of.


You cannot be a part time warrior!  You must be ever vigilant!  You must not doubt and you must be convinced that your enemy wants to destroy you and your family and those you Love!  Do not think that you can stay home from the battle today because that thought will lead to destruction!  If you will show up God will show up!  You see he will fight the battle, and when he does it in your presence, he gets Glory because you can testify of that which you have seen!  Don’t forget that I/You can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens Me/Us.

Now that we have established that you are a Full Time Warrior,  I admonish you to gather to you all the weaponry you can.  Gather scripture, gather practical knowledge, and gather strength from becoming ever more aware of the fight.  Discern the strategy’s that the Spirit of God is revealing to you with which to fight and maintain. Don’t concede or give in on any front.  There will be days that you are tempted to give in on one side with the thoughts that you can win a greater battle on another front.


Pornography Addiction is very real and will probably be with us until our Heavenly Father returns for us!  It is my desire and the desire of the He Set Me Free staff to prove this statement incorrect and to utterly eradicate this Weapon of destruction in our Society.


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Walking in the Word

The following is adapted from “Your Brain on Porn”, a free e-book available from Covenant Eyes….

Exploring the Bible, we can “reverse engineer” the bad training pornography has given us and replace it with God’s thoughts.

1. Porn promises gratification but only decreases our sexual satisfaction. But God is the creator of sexual satisfaction and has designed marriage for its enjoyment (Song. 4:9-16). For single men and women, it means pursuing wholesome, intentional relationships with each other (1 Thess. 4:4). For married men and women, this means renewing our minds towards our spouses, choosing to make them our standard of attractiveness. It means returning again and again to the enjoyment of sex in marriage (Prov. 5:18-19; Song. 7:11-13).

2. Porn disconnects us from real relationships, training us to believe that the best sex is solo-sex. But God has defined good sex as an expression of “oneness,” not emotional detachment (Gen. 2:24).

3. Porn lowers our view of women, training us to see each other as sexual commodities. But God created women in His image, and as such, women are worthy of great honor (Gen. 1:27; 1 Pet. 3:7).

4. Porn desensitizes us to and eroticizes cruelty. But God has designed sex as an expression of affection, not aggression (Deut. 22:25; Eph. 5:28-30).

5. Porn hooks us deeply, leading to possible addiction and sexual bondage. But God redeems our warped sex drive so that sex is a holy act of love and giving, not selfishness and slavery (1 Cor. 13:4-7; Gal. 5:22-23). Sex becomes our master when we believe the lie that porn tries to sell us: that sex is a “need.” If sex is a need, then we feel justified when we get mad at the world or at God for not giving us the sex or the kind of sex we so rightly deserve. But if sex is not a need, but rather a good desire, then we can set it alongside other good desires and go to the Word to understand its place.

For married men and women, this means surrendering our sexual desires to the Lord in a spirit of giving, not taking, and regularly returning to our spouse to be intoxicated with love (Song. 1:4; Prov. 5:18-20). For single men and women, this means surrendering our sexual desires to the Lord, practicing self control, and using one’s undivided interests to serve the Lord (1 Cor. 7:32-35).

Each of these ideas is only the beginning, but the more the mind engages with the Bible around these truths, the more our thoughts are renovated. Over time our minds will be rewired to see things the way God does. As we do this we are “sowing to the Spirit” and in time will reap a harvest of eternal life (Gal. 6:8).

Holiday gifts

As the traditional gift giving season is upon us, it is imperative that we choose what we give with educated intent …

There is a virtual cornucopia of electronic devises  that are on the market.  From laptops to tablets to phones and even watches that are going to be on some folks shopping lists.

In the hustle and bustle it is easy to get caught up in good intentions and a desire to see someone’s face light up in excitement upon receiving a new device as a gift, but allow me to interject a sobering thought…is there a filter on this device ?   Can a filter be installed on this device ?

A recent study by Pewinternet said “about three in four (74%) teens ages 12-17 say they access the internet on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices at least occasionally”. This means that  74% of teens have access to a mobile xxx theatre in their pocket…one that they can utilize at any time…in complete privacy and secrecy.

As a parent, a leader and a Christian I understand that we MUST help posture ourselves and our loved ones for success !

Let it never be said that we handed anyone any thing that was the cause of their destruction without having protected them through safeguards and instruction …

Just as a we would never gift a firearm without proper instruction and supervision or an automobile without proper instruction, education of safety features and instruction of safe usage…we cannot be guilty of handing  someone a devise with the potential of the destruction of their life !

Be educated !  Be intentional !   Be protective !   Be proactive !


Threshold Thinking

“Threshold Thinking”…

Threshold thinking is when you guard your mind by grabbing and analyzing every thought that comes to you as soon as it comes…immediately !

Don’t let any negative thought enter your mind and stay.

Do not allow lust and temptation to brush against you in its seductive and seemingly harmless way…

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; “(2 Corinthians 10:5 KJV)

We cannot keep the birds of thought from flying over our head but we CAN keep them from building a nest of contemplation in our hair !

Furthermore we can build a roof of covering through an overcoming relationship with God !

I know that the enemy has caused many to believe that the lust of the eye is a natural thing that you can’t change – but you  don’t have to believe everything you think !

We DO NOT have to believe the things that the devil tells us – he IS a liar !

The Word of God tells us to not set any unclean thing before us …the using of pornography is a tool of the devil  to cause us to …

1) look upon a creation of God with lust.     2) lead us down a path of destruction.     3) cause us to fall into sin and eternal damnation !

i encourage you to exercise the power and effectiveness of threshold thinking today !


The late Reverend Billy Cole once stated……. “After you have found out what God wants you to do, it is very important to stay focused on it. Do not be distracted. For some of us, the devil will not distract with some bad thing; he’s too smart for that. He distracts with some good thing. Do not let the devil distract you, not even with something that is good.”

As we walk the path of purity, let us beware the wiles of the adversary. How subtle the serpent was when he beguiled Eve in the utopian setting of the garden of Eden…a place created for God and His creation to commune and develop a relationship of intimacy and fulfillment.

In Genesis 2:15 the bible tells us that the Lord God took man and placed him into Eden to dress and keep the garden. As Adam went about the business of naming the plants and animals it may have been a task that took quite some time…and was apparently one that allowed for some distraction. At some point in the “good” that Adam was doing, the serpent found his way to a position of influence in the garden…

The Lord had told Adam and Eve that of all the trees of the garden, they could freely eat…but of the tree of the knowlege of good and evil they were not to eat for in the day that they ate they would surely die. One tree… Every tree was permissible except one… That is where we read about the serpent meeting up with Eve. The enemy knew that there was only one place that he could get Gods creation to mess up…and that is where he camped out…and waited, and waited until finally his patience paid off.

The entire garden was created for Adam and Eve to enjoy and there were doubtlessly so very many beautiful places to go and delicious things to eat, but, as is in our human nature we seem to feel a draw toward the forbidden. So Eve has migrated toward that tree of the knowlege of good and evil and has proven the serpents efforts to have not been in vain. Eve was in the one place that she should have stayed away from…. It wasnt sin for her to go there, but it placed her near temptation !

It is imperative that we not give the enemy of our soul and place for a foothold in our minds, thoughts and lives ! Create safegaurds to protect yourself ! Flee from temptation ! You are literally running for your life… As the story of Eves interaction with the serpent continues it becomes plain to see another weakness in Eves life – a failure to know the true words that God had spoken to them… The serpent recognized that flaw and exploited it and beguiled Eve into sinning.

My exhortation to you today is to :                                                                            – watch and pray that you enter not into temptation                  (Matthew26:41)                                                                                                                                         – dont place yourself into areas that will place temptation before you (Psalm 101:2)                                                                                                                – know the Word that God has spoken, that you might not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11)

The holiday seasons are upon us and we are about to enjoy wonderful times of fellowship with friends and with family. Many people will be involved in Christmas programs, food drives, gift gathering for loved ones and for the less fortunate…many good and appropriate endeavors. While we enjoy these blessed times, let us also stay focused on the pursuit of purity ! Make time for praying before temptations come… Make time for reading Gods word that we may know His desires… Make NO provision for temptation to overtake us… Dont let the enemy catch you distracted by the good that you are doing and charm you into destruction !

It Must Be Done

Whenever it is discovered that something must be done, the only thing to do is do it.  If we meander on the field of indecision we lose precious time and advantage.  We must understand that the only determinate process once discovery has been made is to act and to act decisively.

It has been discovered that Pornography Addiction is abounding to the destruction of every man woman and child on the planet.  If it has not come nigh your doorstep consider yourself blessed, but don’t consider yourself safe.  You must act, we must act on this apocalyptic attack on the Family.  We must unite together within the authorized capacity as Sons of God and draw the line and push back the onslaught.  No more talking but the time has come for action.  I hear the sound of the going in the tops of the mulberry tree, the Lord has won the Battle and we must realize that it is time to recover our families, our friends, our neighbors.

We must act together now to destroy this enemy once and for all.  Please do not fall into the trap of thinking this does not apply to you.  Of every 10 men 6-7 are addicted to Porn and of every 10 women 3-4 are addicted to Porn.  This applies to you.  Plain and simple this applies to you.  Let me state it again this applies to you.

HeSetMeFree in partnership with God ordained and anointed partners around the planet stands here with you.  We are here on the front lines holding and advancing at the same time.  We will not allow this to continue any longer.  We will not allow this fight to be swallowed up in the mediocrity discourse of whether this fight is appropriate or not.  We will not allow this fight to be swept away into the corridors of complacency because we can’t just seem to get everyone on board.  Stop and think for a moment why everyone is not on board.  You got it, because they are in the 60th percentile.

Won’t you step up with us and stand with us in this fight.  We have set a compass against the enemy and we are ready to take back that which was stolen.


Affects of Porn on Brain

This is an interesting article we found while researching.  Please make note of the details mentioned in this article by Anna Malika.

How Porn Affects the Brain

Posted by By Anna Malika, Morality in Media Intern | October 23, 2014

There is no way around it—overcoming a struggle with pornography is a strenuous and sometimes a never-ending battle. Due to the fact that some of you have never experienced the thought process of someone recovering from pornography, here is a taste of it:

A man turns on his computer to research where to vacation with his wife in the Bahamas. He clicks on a website about a resort and in the corner of the page is beautiful swimsuit model. He tries to take his eyes off of it, but cannot. Just a glimpse of the bikini-clad woman triggers a return of those images from the porn he has seen repeatedly since he was a young boy. A sensation throughout his body begins and he feels that “amazing high” experienced from the last time he looked at pornography. As the high wears off, feelings of shame, guilt, disappointment and failure fill his mind. He feels powerless and weak. Swelling up within is the thought that he’ll never be able to beat this cycle. He wonders if he should just give in – at least he will be able to enjoy the few seconds of pleasure that surge through his body when he lets his mind wander to the porn. Then his wife calls him…

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “What is wrong with this guy? It’s just an advertisement and she’s not even naked!” The sad truth is that when one struggles with pornography, triggers are everywhere, especially in the hypersexualized media all around us. It often takes just a simple image to set off the chemical reaction in the brain, which first develops by looking at pornography.

Sadly, simply turning off the computer is not enough when the brain has been deeply affected by viewing pornography. If someone continues to view pornography, the effects on their brain can worsen over time and become quite extreme.

According to an article by Fight the New Drug (FTND), “Porn Changes the Brain,” the brain is constantly laying down new pathways during new experiences. This process is called neuroplasticity, neuro meaning “brain” and plasticity meaning “changeability.” Over the years, studies have found that pornography has a similar effect on the brain as drugs. Studies have found that drugs and pornography affects the brain’s “reward pathways.”

In another article by FTND, “Porn Affects Your Behavior,” it explains that the job of the reward pathways is to reward you by releasing dopamine when you do something that enriches your life with satisfying experiences and relationships. The brain’s release of dopamine is what makes us feel pleasure and builds new pathways created by a protein called FosB. This protein enables us to remember what made us feel pleasure by linking a way of thinking to a certain behavior.

In a real, intimate relationship, this is great; but it becomes detrimental if one partner is viewing pornography frequently. Arousal and pleasure become associated with viewing pornography due to the dopamine release, influencing them to continue watching pornography rather than seeking out real intimacy.

Due to the repetitive release of dopamine, the brain becomes overloaded and reacts by cutting down on the dopamine receptors. According to the article, dopamine receptors are the tiny “ears” on the end of the neuron that “hear” dopamine’s message. Since a person will need even more dopamine than before to become aroused, their cravings to watch pornography will intensify.

The repetitive viewing of pornography damages the frontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for decision-making and logic. Any damage to this part of the brain will make it much harder to exercise willpower and self-control. As the cravings increase, it becomes easier to give in to watching pornography more often. At this point, they grow accustomed to the pornography they have already seen and the amount of dopamine released when they view it. Those images will no longer give them the same “high” and they must then move on to more intense (hardcore) pornography to fulfill their needs and increase the dopamine released.

Pornography also affects the brain during arousal by removing the viewer’s ability to see the women in porn as real people. They are so focused on their own physical responses and on the sex acts they’re viewing. The failure to see women who appear in pornographic material as worthy of empathy means the users do not comprehend that women are often being abused.

A 1984 study by Dolf Zillmann and Jennings Bryant, “Effects of Massive Exposure to Pornography,” concluded that “people who were exposed to significant amounts of pornography thought things like sex with animals and violent sex were twice as common as what those not exposed to pornography thought” (FTND). As the sexual template created by porn becomes unhealthier, the likelihood increases users will attempt to fulfill those fantasies in real life.

In order to do this, they will engage in purchasing an actual person for sex. Not only has the user’s dependency on pornography prevented them from comprehending the violence against women in pornography, is now so distorted that they see purchasing a prostituted woman (or child) for sex as acceptable. The more someone views pornography, the more flawed their perception of women and relationships become.

As impossible as it sounds, there is hope. You can overcome a dependency on pornography. As explained in the beginning, the brain becomes dependent on behaviors and changes to cater to the addiction. One way to change this is by replacing reward pathways with something else that makes you feel pleasure in a different way. These replacements could be starting a hobby you enjoy, spend more time with friends and family, or joining a sports team.

Another important step is to train your brain to become aroused by a real partner. If you are married, take steps to restore and find pleasure in your relationship with your spouse.

Your dependency on pornography has not always existed. Just like struggling with a drug addiction, this dependency can end and it can be changed! It can take time to figure out what these steps look like but it can be done!

Hidden in Shame

We want to invite you to review the video, Hidden in Shame, presented by He Set Me Free ministries.  This video highlights the passion of this ministry to facilitate the freedom of Men and Women from sexual addictions including pornography.  Christian Counselor Carol Clemans does a great job of presenting this overview and the steps necessary to begin healing!

We want to thank you for viewing the video at the following link:  Hidden in Shame.  You may contact us  for additional information.  Carol Clemans has additional resources available on her website  as well.